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About eQQar.com
One of Saudia’s shiny days, an English Saudi teacher who has a real estate related business has been browsing the Internet. His mind was running an idea of an Arabic Real Estate Marketing web site.

He found a web design and hosting company in Egypt. After some browsing through the site, he filled in the feedback form inquiring about the possibility of his idea. 

A young Egyptian Engineer was checking his email when he found that inquiry. He thought for a while then sent an email back offering partnership!

The Saudi Teacher was surprised at the proposal! He, instantly, called the Engineer. And that phone call was the start.

The idea started as a web site for free on line sale, rental and investment (add/search). Later, it included the First Arab Real Estate Directory and the free services (like email, voice chat, calculator, greeting cards, currency conversion and more).

To keep the web site going, we offer the  following commercial services:

  • Web Design (creating home pages)
  • Web Hosting
  • Banner Design
  • Banner Advertising
  • Programming
  • Real Estate services in Egypt and the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia.
We, the Saudi Businessman and Egyptian Engineer, welcome you to this humble web site. We promise to add more and more features that are useful for you.

Have fun browsing the web site! If you have any comments, ideas, suggestions, complaints or questions, then kindly do not hesitate to contact us.

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