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FREE: Email, Voice Chat, Greeting Postcards, Discussions, Calculator, Currency Convertor, SMS, …
Email Service!
Register a new, stylish, permenant, fast and reliable email account. Get your favourite nick name as your email@eQQar.com!
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Voice Chat!
You know what? You can chat with people by voice NOW! You need nothing at all but your speakers and a mic. Got them? GO!
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Greeting Cards
When was the last time you said Wish you a nice day! to your friends?! It is time to tell your friends you care about them!
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You feel lonely?! No more. Now you are ready to go and see what everybody is talking about. You may get involved in a discussion now!
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If you need to perform a mathematical operation now, do not leave this web site. All you need is to click this link!
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Currency Convertor
Prices are in USD ($) but you need to know how much exactly they are worth in your local currency? Just follow this link.
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Mobile Messages (SMS)
Do you want to tell your friend in another country that you are online now? Simply, click the link below and send him an SMS.


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